Holiday Brunch

Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant, San Francisco

With one month until the end of the year, it is essential to plan time in your schedule to stop and appreciate all that the last 10 months has allow you to see. The previous year, I hosted an all girls ‘Sex in the City’ themed holiday party to celebrate the amazing women I am honored to call my friend’s. (Click here to read the full article) This year and years to come, I’m excited to make it co-ed inviting all souls with great energy and the ambition to share it with others.

“Let us be brave with one another, for these are the days.”

Those words still lingered in my heart as I watched all of the people I loved indulge in conversations, silently cheering each other on to be their authentic selves.


The room was filled with colorful conversations of gratitude for friendships that blossomed throughout the previous months and the reflective moments that made each one of us wiser in the mist of 2015.